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Washougal River Road

June 14, 2008

Another ride I started without any clear destination as to where I was heading. I recently completed a long-term assignment that had me located in Edmonton, Alberta for 3 to 3-1/2 weeks a month; and so I haven't had the time to fully explore the local roads and trails around my home in Camas, WA.

I had a sunny afternoon, and decided to take a short ride. After a few turns, I ended up taking Washougal River Road heading north. The road follows the Washougal River into the hills and forest northeast of Washougal, Washington. Before long I'm on dirt roads - perfect!

I only had a few hours and was unfamiliar with the trails, so I stayed on what appeared to be the main dirt roads and just rode up into the hills until I finally decided to turn around and head back home. This is an area I'm going to have to explore much more when I have more time. There are several roads and trails that spur from the main roads that look to be ripe for exploring. I stopped to take the following pictures on this ride.















I saw very few people on this particular afternoon. At one time, I saw three riders on what looked to be KLX Kawasakis and I saw one ATV. It was a beautiful afternoon ride though!