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Moab - October 2012

Several of my friends and I enjoyed an epic trip to Moab, Utah for some great offroad riding and outstanding desert scenery!

Day 1

Monday morning, seven of us took off to Arches National Park to see the views - Joel, Ersin, Ben, John, Bill, Cindy and myself.

Here's a sampling of the incredible scenery...







Obviously, we stopped at several places to take pics and expouse the requisite ooohs and aaahs!

Joel was so excited, he performed a little dance...

Ersin's on his way to take a closer look at Balancing Rock...

Balancing Rock...

We had a nice line-up of bikes at the various stops...

Ben and Cindy (Delicate Arch in the background)...

At the north end of the paved road through Arches National Park, we decided to hit some dirt and take the road towards Tower Arch.

The first part was pretty easy, although occasionally we hit some sandy parts. Cindy was on her VStrom, so she turned around to head back on the pavement. Shortly, after that we hit a pretty gnarly and rocky uphill. Joel and Bill decided not to attempt it, so they turned back and we made plans to meet them down the trail. The gnarly uphill that we thought was rather short, ended up to be quite long, and got progressively worse. It was a pretty good workout getting through, and Ersin was an animal making it through on his 990.

After Tower Arch, we had about a 10 mile run through a sand wash to meet back up with Joel and Bill. It got pretty soft in places, with a lot of sandy turns and was a real workout. Eventually we met back up with Joel and Bill, and took a moderately rough dirt road back to the highway, and then back to Moab.

Pics from out on the trail...

Ben and Joel

Ersin and Cindy


John and Ersin




John, Ersin, and Ben


Me and the Berg





Bill (caught at a little bobble)


But always smiling...



I just gotta take some pics of the Berg...



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