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My Current Motorcycles


2006 BMW R1200GS 2011 Husaberg FE570
2009 Husaberg FE570 (Rally Bike Build)



Past Motorcycles I've Owned or Raced

(Pictures are only representative of my past bikes but probably not the ones I owned)

1969 Kawasaki G3TR (90cc)
The Christmas present that started it all off. This is about how it looked when we first received it, but it wasn't long before it was turned into a desert trail bike, and later into a desert race bike. All of the lights, speedo, etc. came off. A plastic gas tank, plastic fenders, different handlebars, and knobby tires were installed. The seat was reworked. Rear shocks were replaced with Koni's. The engine was ported, and an expansion chamber exhaust installed. It obviously looked completely different by the time it was turned into a desert racer, and was very competitive in the District 37 100cc Class.


1970 Kawasaki F21M (238cc)
Not too long after my brothers and I were riding the Kawasaki G3TR, my Dad decided to start riding again and bought a 1970 Kawasaki F21M, which was also known as the "238 Greenstreak". Although marketed as a scrambles (or flat track) racer, most of them were actually used as trail and desert bikes. As with the G3TR, it was soon modified to be more of a desert racer. Although technically my Dad's bike, I raced it quite often in motocross, desert, and enduro's.


1971 DKW 125
The first motorcycle I purchased with my own money! My DKW was also converted into a desert racer. At this time, one of the fastest desert racers in District 37 was Tom (Tommy) Brooks Jr., who actually won several desert races overall on a 125cc DKW. That convinced me to get a DKW too. I took off all the lights and accessories, put on plastic fenders and started racing desert and enduro events with it, with the occasional motocross thrown in. I'm sure I switched the rear shocks out to get better suspension, and at some point changed the gas tank out for a plastic one. The DKW was a very competitive bike in the 125cc classes, and I raced it throughout my high school days. I was able to win some Novice events and move up to the Amateur (Intermediate) level of District 37 with this bike.

I also pre-rode the Baja 500 one year on my DKW with Steve Hurd, Mike Patrick, and Phil Bowers (all famous Baja winners and desert racers).



1980 Kawasaki KDX175

After a hiatus from racing during my college years, I picked up one of the very first KDX175's brought into the country to begin racing desert again. I took it bone-stock to a District 37 European Scrambles, and got 2nd Place. Soon, I was winning with it and moved up to the Expert Class. It was a very innovative dirt bike at the time with it's Unitrak (single shock) suspension. I raced it pretty competitively in District 37 desert for a few years before finally retiring from the racing scene while starting a family.

I didn't realize at the time that it would be 20+ years before getting back into riding motorcycles in the dirt again!



2009 Husqvarna TE310

After getting back into motorcycling with my 2006 BMW 1200GS, I decided to get a smaller bike for more off-road oriented adventures.

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