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Northern Baja - October 2014

I planned another trip to Baja with some great riding partners and friends - Arnie, Todd Lite, Rich, and Rob. We would be making a short clockwise loop in Northern Baja in a little over 3 days of riding.

Day 1 - Thursday, October 30

Todd Lite couldn't leave work until about 3 that afternoon, so the plan was to meet in Tecate at 4:30pm. I trucked my Husaberg down from Vegas, and probably got to Tecate around 3pm. Rich trailerd his DR650 down, and we met up in the parking lot across from the gas station on the US side in Tecate. Soon enough Rob showed up having ridden his KLR650 down from Corona, and Arnie soon followed on his KTM 950SE. Right on time at 4:30pm, Todd Lite rolled in on his KTM and we were ready to go. Due to the late start, we were only going to cross the border and head to Santa Veronica for the night.

We had a bit more hassle than normal after crossing the border, with the Mexican military wanting to look through all of our bags; and then we had another short holdup on the highway east of Tecate due to some paving work going on, but we got to the Compadre Trail soon enough for the short ride down to Rancho Santa Veronica.

 Some pics from the day...

Rob and Rich in Tecate, and getting ready to cross the border



Rob and I


Arnie and I, east of Tecate at a traffic holdup for road paving

We made it to Santa Veronica soon enough, and it was time for cervezas, margaritas and dinner.




After dinner, we turned in for early for bed to get some rest for the next day!

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