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Northern Baja - December 2013

I organized a ride with several of my friends from the California Adventure Rider Forum to Northern Baja between Christmas and New Years. I flew into Las Vegas on Thursday morning, picked up my riding gear from my Mom's house, and then headed over to my mechanic's house to pick up my 2011 Husaberg. After loading the Berg in my truck, I left for San Diego and arrived at the Mission Valley Ramada Inn a little bit after 7pm. Got some dinner at a Chili's restaurant nearby, and then went to bed - going to be an early start tomorrow.

Day 1 - Friday, December 27

I met up with our initial group for breakfast at Denny's Friday morning, and then headed to Tecate. Arnie, Todd Lite, Isaac, and Ben had ridden their bikes to Denny's and after breakfast rode on to Tecate. Big Todd and I had trucked our bikes down to San Diego, and drove on to Tecate after breakfast. We parked our trucks at a secure parking lot on the US side of Tecate, unloaded our bikes, and then all of us crossed the border together. We headed east on Highway 2 Libre, and then south on to the Compadre Trail. Shortly after the turnoff to Santa Veronica, we took a trail east towards Laguna Hanson. It's a really neat trail with a lot of variety. We had cervezas and tacos at Ramona's, and then on to Ojos Negros for gas. From Ojos, we took a fun trail north of town heading west, and then finally a few miles of pavement to arrive at Horsepower Ranch. A great meal, great margaritas, and some rest before Day 2.


Some pics from the day...

Big Todd and I after unloading our bikes in Tecate, and getting ready to cross the border


Todd Lite on the Compadre Trail






We stopped for a short break towards the top of a small rise


Soon enough we were making the turn to head east towards Laguna Hanson, with a little more variety in the trails. We started to pass through farmer's gates, and it's very important to close all gates after you pass through.

Arnie and Todd Lite in the foreground, while Big Todd and I fix a gate in the background







Todd Lite


Isaac, followed by Big Todd


Another gate


We had a few water crossings along the trail





Todd Lite


Soon enough we arrived at Laguna Hanson. Usually there is water in the lake, but surprisingly it was dry this time. The was especially remarkable because we had passed a few spots where there was still snow and ice in the shady spots on the trail.

My Berg

After a brief stop at Laguna Hanson, we headed on the trail towards Ojos Negros. We stopped to get gas, and a cerveza at Ramona's and grabbed some tacos for lunch at the house across from Ramona's. This spot is just a few houses along the trail between Laguna Hanson and Ojos Negros.

The Baja gas station known as Ramona's


The restaurant across from Ramona's


On the way to Ojos Negros


We gassed up again in Ojos Negros, and then took a trail north of Ojos that is often used in the SCORE Baja races. It's a really fun trail.

Here we are at another gate, about to head west from Ojos Negros


Finally we arrived at Horsepower Ranch, our destination for the day.


The group enjoying the HP Ranch margarita's


And enjoying a great steak dinner


After dinner, we were ready for bed. We got some more riding to do tomorrow!


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