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Alberta Ride

Jasper to Edmonton - The Short Way

Day 2 - May 13, 2007

The next morning, I sleep in until about 7:30am, and then get packed for the ride back to Edmonton. I'm planning to head straight east on Hwy 16, with a little detour to break up the monotony of the pavement. I remember to call my Mom and wife to wish them Happy Mother's Day before getting on the road at about 8:45am.

Sunday Morning at the Maligne Lodge in Jasper

Jasper National Park is another majestic and beautiful area of the Canadian Rockies. I've never been through the park without seeing plenty of wildlife at the edges of the road, so I'm always pretty alert while riding here. Today, I'm seeing primarily elk and deer (a few weeks back it was mostly mountain sheep).

Jasper National Park

After leaving Jasper National Park, I continue east on Hwy 16. Just before reaching Hinton, I take Hwy 40 south to break up the tedium of the expressway riding. The road is paved in this area, but eventually turns into the gravel forestry trunk road I was riding yesterday.

On Hwy 40 South between Hinton and Cadomin

A few miles outside of Cadomin, Hwy 40 turns into a gravel road. This is coal mining territory. At one time, Cadomin was a fairly large mining town but today it's just a ghost of its former self. Perhaps about 50 people still live in the area, but mostly it's abandoned former dwellings. Just before reaching Cadomin, the road passes a couple of mining operations.

The Elk River Coal Facility
Cardinal River Coal Mine

I took a short ride through Cadomin before continuing on my route southeast on Hwy 40. About 20 miles outside of Cadomin, I reach the intersection with Hwy 47. Hwy 40 turns south, towards the Pembina River, Elk River Road, and Nordegg. However, I turn northeast on Hwy 47 towards Robb and Edson.

Hwy 40 between Cadomin and Robb

Hwy 47 reconnects with Hwy 16 just west of Edson. I head east on Hwy 16, and stop for gas in Edson. From there, it's expressway all the way back to Edmonton. I get back about 2:00pm, with another 670 miles on the bike from a very enjoyable 2-day ride.

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