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2013 Mexican 1000

Race Day 4 - Wednesday May 1, 2013


Final day of racing. Since the debacle of Day 1, the race has gone really well. Lost some time on Day 2 due to helping one rider in the first special, then having to wait for gas in the second special; but I've been riding well, and Day 3 had gone just about perfect.

Another 7:00am start let's us sleep in a little bit; but were up by 6 and getting ready. The start for the day is just in front of the Grand Plaza hotel but the first section is a 28 mile liaison to San Pedro where the racing will start. Out at San Pedro, we line up again for starting two at a time. The first section is a long straight dirt road - just haul a$$. I pass about three riders before reaching the end of the straight. Then its a bunch of twisty dirt roads and trails heading west out to the coast. We pass through a few small farmer villages. The navigation gets a little tricky, and I lose about 5 minutes at one point trying to find the right trail.

Out at the coast, we have some deep sand washes, and a little bit of silt - but nothing too bad. Then it's some coastal roads heading south towards Todos Santos. Just north of Todos Santos, we take dirt roads east and out to Hwy 19 north of Todos Santos. Kevin is waiting for me there to top me off with gas before heading out on the 2nd half of this 106 mile racing special.

After getting gas, we cross the highway and head east into the mountains. The first part of this section is not very difficult - pretty fast but need to take care to make the correct turns. Then we end up on some mountains road/trails that gets pretty technical due to all of the washouts and obviously very little road maintenance. This section was much rougher than I was expecting, but it might be because its at the end of 4 days of racing. It was some great scenery, up in the mountains - curvy roads and trails, but you had to really pay attention to the turns and the washouts. A lot of the trail had washout gullies everywhere - I'd try to stay out of them but every once in a while you drop in and then just have to ride the gully to the end.

Then as you are coming out of the mountains on the eastern side of the range, the road opens up to a pretty wide and flat dirt road that you would expect to be easy to ride - but it isn't! There's a really fine layer of slippery granite or something on the surface, and it's almost like riding on an ice rink. You just couldn't go fast on this stuff, and it's really curvy.

Finally, it's a long straight dirt road to the end of the special - just as fast as you could go, with plenty of cattle guard crossings to get some air...

At the end of the special, Cory and Joel were waiting to get me gas.

I also now put on a jacket that my older brother Keith had wore when he raced the 1976 Baja 500 and 1000. Part of the reason for me wanting to race the Mexican 1000 was in tribute to my brother who passed away last October. I wanted to wear his jacket across the finish line.

Then I was off on a short 4 mile liaison and then a final 20 mile racing section into San Jose del Cabo.

The last racing section was supposed to be road book only, but being without a road book on my backup bike I had converted the route to GPS tracks. It involved a lot of sandy wash, some dirt roads, and then a final 3 or 4 blocks of pavement into the finish line in downtown San Jose del Cabo. For a lot of this part of the special, the course was lined with locals cheering on all the racers. Of course, I got a great big cheer when I fell on a loose sandy right hand turn in one of the sand washes - my only real fall of the entire race.

Making the final right hand turn onto the finish straight, I pulled a nice wheelie while shifting through the gears and then it was up onto the finish podium. Since my family (wife, 2 daughters, boyfriends) and two family friends had flown into Cabo the day before, I got the largest cheer on the finish podium.

I beat Kevin and Cory/Joel to the finish, but they showed up shortly after I finished.

My support crew (Joel, Cory, Kevin) and I at the finish...

Celebrating with the wife...

With my Mom and her friends from Las Vegas...

With my wife, daughter Erika and her boyfriend Greg...

Being interviewed at the finish...

This one is for my brother Keith!


It appears that the last short racing special was not scored for the race, but for the main racing special for the day, I finished 17th overall and 3rd in class.

What a great feeling - I had done it - finished the Mexican 1000!!!


Later, at the Awards Banquet

Time to eat - the wife and I...

My daughters - Shana (left) with fiance Gary; and Erika (right) with boyfriend Greg

1/3 of my support crew - Joel

The other 2/3's of my support crew - Kevin and Cory

Could never have finished without this terrific support crew!!!


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