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The 2009 Husky TE310

My TE310 pictured here in November 2010, with a new Safari Gas Tank

The Husqvarna TE310 is a street-legal "enduro" motorcycle. It's a 4-stroke mid-size dirt bike capable of just about any offroad riding that you might want to do. Although it's street legal, it's made for offroad riding and racing, with just enough street legal equipment to be licensed and used on the streets primarily to get from one dirt trail to the next.

I bought the bike used in 2010 from an inmate on Adventure Rider Forum, and had it shipped from North Carolina out to my Mom's house in Las Vegas (where I keep it stored). The previous owner had installed several aftermarket goodies, including a Motosportz steering damper, front and rear disc brake guards, fastway footpegs, and probably a few more items that I don't remember. He has also installed the factory power-up kit.

This is how it looked when I first saw it.

This was just after I put on the Giant Loop MoJavi bag, getting it ready for my first ride.

Here it is at the Nelson Hills OHV area outside of Las Vegas.

The stock gas tank on the Husky is only about 1.8 gallons, so one of the first things I did was to look for a larger, after-market tank to install. I ended up ordering a 4+ gallon Safari tank from JustGasTanks, and received one of the first ones that came into the country. So on my next trip to Las Vegas, I installed the tank which made it look a bit different.

The Safari Tank fits like a glove, and gives me a range of about 180 miles.

I rode the Husky in the 2010 LA-to-Barstow-to-Vegas Dual Sport Ride, as wells as many other excursions in the California and Nevada desert.

I sold the Husky after buying the 2011 Husaberg for a bit larger dualsport bike.