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The 2006 BMW R1200GS

My R1200GS pictured here in October 2006, with a new Sargent Seat

The BMW R1200GS is known as an "adventure touring" motorcycle. It's a motorcycle that's basically designed to do anything and go anywhere. Although maybe not quite that versatile, it is a great all-around motorcycle. It functions extremely well as a long-distance touring bike, as a sport bike in the twisty mountain roads, and as a commuter bike in the city. With the street tires that typically come on the bike (Michelin Anakees or Metzler Tourances), the bike can also handle hard-packed dirt and gravel roads with ease. Put some dirt-oriented tires on it, such as Continental TKC80's, and it can take you on some pretty rough jeep trails and single track dirt trails with careful riding. It's definitely not a motocross bike, but it is a bike that can take you around the world if you so desire (although it's cousin, the GS Adventure with it's larger fuel tank, might be a better choice for remote areas with limited fueling opportunities).

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